Q&A about coronavirus

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The apartment complex can operate relatively normally even in the case of some tenants being in quarantine. Tenants who are in quarantine must avoid all and any close contacts with other tenants, the housing manager or maintenance workers.

If a resident is isolated in their apartment, they must follow the instructions given by the authority such as healthcare specialists and avoid any close contacts with other people.

Maintenance and repair operations inside apartments shall be evaluated before conducting any measures during the epidemic. The apartments shall not be entered unless an accident that required immediate action occurs. (for example, water damage etc.)

If the housing manager or a maintenance worker must enter the apartment for any reason, they have the right to inquire if any residents have been placed in quarantine. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.

Residents have no obligation to inform their health status to TVA, the housing management or the maintenance office. It’s also prohibited to spread information about one’s neighbor’s health.

Please be considerate towards your neighbors – we’re all in this together

Due to the epidemic, many of us are spending more time at home that usual and more noises from the neighbors can be heard.

Normal living rules apply even during the epidemic, so everyday sounds such as music and playing may become disturbing. If you these noises unpleasant and it affects your concentration to work, please try to use earphones or -plugs.

However, veryone should respect neighbors’ peace during the night and breaking the house rules is prohibited. If a neighbor is not obeying the rules, it is polite to leave a kind note in the mail requesting to muffle the voices. The usual considerate manner is to conduct a face-to-face conversation, but due to the epidemic, we urge to avoid physical contacts.

These unusual times might cause higher stress levels and all the noise might seem too much. But please remember that we’re all in this together.

If there is sudden disturbance that is very disturbing or violent, call the emergency number 112 and ask for the police

Common areas may have some restrictions

The Finnish officials haven’t given instructions about the use of common rooms such as laundry rooms.

If a tenant is quarantined, other tenants may use the laundry room, during their reserved time.

If a tenant is quarantined, we ask them to not use any of the common areas.

If a tenant is infected by coronavirus, which is confirmed by laboratory tests, is the use of the common rooms (laundy room etc.) prohibited, moving in the stairwell must be avoided and the risk of infection must carefully be taken into account.

Saunas are closed during the epidemic.

Cleaning companies follow the rules from the authorities.

Pay attention to safe distance even outside

The official advice is to avoid any social contacts during the corona epidemic. The advice also applies to the common yard, playground areas and barbeque huts.

It is allowed to go outside, but please pay attention to safe distances between others. Barbecue parties, yard games and gatherings at the playground should be avoided for the time being. Please note that the surfaces outside can’t be kept as clean as the ones inside.

Residents placed in quarantine are allowed to go outside but the ones who feel or are ill should stay inside, rest and follow the official’s rules.

More information about the corona epidemic

Please follow official guidelines and instructions regarding the virus.

The Finnish institute for health and welfare has an English web page that is up to date: https://thl.fi/en/web/infectious-diseases/what-s-new/coronavirus-covid-19-latest-updates

The Government’s joint telephone helpline: 0295 535 535.

For health issues, please contact your local health center.

In serious, life-threatening situations when you need an ambulance, call 112.