About applying and living

Applying for an apartment

Please apply for an apartment online. If required, we will ask application attachments from the applicant.

  • Please note that you must have a Finnish social security number.
  • Please bring us your tax information. We require every customer of legal age to provide this.
  • Please bring us a proof of your monthly income. For example:
    • salary certificate of your gross income for last 6 months or the most recent salary certificate
    • unemployment benefit information and the last payment notice
    • compensation decision for sick leave or lay-off, last payment notice and salary certificate
    • a proof of studies for a student over 18 years old
    • information about your student loan, student’s allowance or adult’s study grant
    • latest decision of all pensions
    • entrepreneur’s financial statement
    • income from maternity leave and maternity decision
    • a certificate of military service and proof of income before the service began.
    • certificate of pregnancy
    • information on the receipt of a new job in the city, or proof of new studies
    • a copy of residence permit and a copy of passport
  • The application must be renewed every three months, otherwise the application will expire. You can call our customer service or email us. You can also visit our office at Puutarhakatu 8. We’re happy to help!

Instructions after receiving an apartment

  • Make a change of address
  • Pay the security deposit before the deadline

Instructions during the housing

  • Please read rules and regulations
  • Please fill the form “condition of the apartment” and please return it to us.
  • Make an electricity contract with a selected company
  • If you have any questions about living in your apartment, you can contact our customer service. We are happy to help you.
  • If you have any questions about paying rent, you can take contact our rent control. Contact information can be found in the side bar.
  • Here is a list of forms that you might need during the housing
  • If you want termination your apartment, you can also fill notice of termination in here, if you have online banking codes of a Finnish bank.

If you cannot find the form that you need, please contact us. You may always contact us. We will help you in any case.